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Radio Pokopokito
'Radio poko pokito" is nothing more than the imaginary vehicle- traveler of a whole world-view pushing you to the boundaries of fictional to believe in it and thus live a few moments in its imaginary world. It is a simple Internet Radio with character that at times employs self-conflict in an effort to establish its own identity.It's known for its love for beauty and its effort to share it with all of you.

Our music station loves music and respects all the composers. We like to keep our autonomy. In order to do that we have variety of music, music that has its roots in the streets and life. Alternative music that travels your body and spirit.

Keep in mind that music is light, you only need a sparkle to start smiling. Music is the truth and in contrary with what we believe music actually chooses the listener. Truth is unspoken and it is believed that it has a huge value. But music is also life and life is everywhere. Life resists death, fights, deconstructs the sense of time so does music. No matter the label or the category music embrasure our hearts and make us live the moment.

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Radio Pokopokito
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