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Pidgin Radio is the number one online-based radio station for everything eccentric, culturally influencing, proudly Nigerian and truly African in context. Our objective isn’t just to communicate the local speaking culture (pidgin) to the world, but rather to promote on a global scale, the creative originality of a people with a pan-African nature. Our content, which are urban in design and of course with heavy dashes of pidgin English, cater to a variety of demographics covering Nigeria, sub sections of the Africa-wide continent as well as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. World wide We treat issues boring on vast topics like politics, sports, music, movies, fashion, health, technology, basic education and lifestyle. These programmes have been individually styled to meet with the expectation and demands of our consumers who vary in culture and beliefs. Pidgin Radio however is not only meant for Nigerians or those in the diaspora. It is for any and every one with a fundamental grasp of the vernacular vocabulary. That’s why we keep working tirelessly to ensure our communication remains in sync with our audience, that is, in regards to the information we try to pass across. In under just a year of becoming fully operational, we have garnered over 10,000 listeners from user networks across the world. We are also title holder for the award as Best Outstanding Online Radio (2016) conferred by Trek Africa Awards. Pidgin Radio transmits on a 24-hourly basis..

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STREET ADDRESS:2 buhari street ogudu nigeria
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